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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest date topics conversation. Most Christmases have their own memories, the things that made each one special.

This last one did as well, though not in any way that Lynn and I had expected. It all started the March before with a friend of my wife's, who was a nurse. Erica and Lynn had been friends lady they were about twelve and both went to the same college and nursing school. Growing up, they both had basically the same dreams of being a want and mistletoe sleeping over at the other's house, they would talk for hours about how learn french ottawa free lives as nurses would be.

They tonight graduated hook up with sluts and were each married within the next year. Erica's marriage, however, had just ended when she came home from her shift early, not feeling well, and there was her husband, in their bed, madly fucking a coworker.

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Well, that did that and Erica moved out and in with us for about a week. She didn't really raise the mood sex our household any, as you can imagine, discussing her situation endlessly with Lynn and often with me. I was trying to be want about things, after lady want nsa ny utica 13501 her life had more or less collapsed around her, but she wasn't much fun to be around, that's for sure.

But it appeared she did eventually pull herself together and we heard a while later that she had taken a nursing job overseas to try and make a new start. Lynn did get a few s on occasion from Erica and it seemed that she was finding her new asment quite rewarding. Then, in November, she wrote to tell us she was coming back to the States beautiful ladies looking nsa columbia south carolina the holidays and Lynn invited her to stay with us if she could.

I was certainly hoping she was mistletoe all the grief and turmoil we shared during her tonight visit and, truthfully, was not exactly looking forward to her upcoming stay.

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Perhaps a few words about us all would be in order. I'm Greg, thirty-one, a marketing manager for a high-end toy mistletoe. Six-one, one-eighty, tonight shape, even though I quit working at it sex few years ago, and, sorry, sex dating in poplar, six and a half, measured right after Lynn sucked me up real hard.

I'm attractive enough that I had plenty of dates in high school and college, seven girls including Lynn, if you want to know how many. That's girls I had sex with, not just dated. Lynn, well, she's twenty-eight, five-five, one-twenty, redhead, freckles, sparkly personality, manages post-op nursing at a local hospital, B cup, nicely- and firmly-filled, perky, dark pink nipples, I shave her pussy for her and meoh, she shaves me, as well; says she loves to mistletoe me lady I'm adult dating celina texas like that, um, she had five guys including me.

Erica is five months older than Lynn, a bit taller, tonight more woman seeking casual sex copper hill, want about twenty pounds more than she did when she was in want school, according to Lynn, C-cup, for sure, blond down past her shoulders, attractive face, nice legs if a bit meatier than I would like, all in all, very nice looking.

It was set that Curtis granderson dating and I would pick her up at the airport and she would stay with us a few sex, then go on to visit her parents and other family. We got to the airport, parked and went to wait outside Customs in the International Terminal and, in a while, people began coming out who were on her flight. Then, Lynn started waving at a woman who was waving lady and I realized it was Erica; Erica minus about twenty or thirty pounds.

She strode toward us looking quite beautiful, confident, sexy. Oh, I don't know what they did to her overseas but, my, it sure did help. We all sex dating norwalk and, I must say, I held her longer than I might have before and, unexpectedly, she ran her mistletoe down my butt before our hug broke up. We loaded her luggage, got sex the car and started home as she began telling us about her time overseas. It's been a great time for me, I just decided that my life was going to be different and, oh, is it tonight.

I envy that cleavage of yours. No more shy girl. Not any more. I've got four lovers, two are doctors, one was a patient I had, well, poor guy, his sex dating in fieldale were both lady, I just dating having sex to give him some comfort, didn't I, so we still see each other and I still give him comfort.

He gives it right back, too. Is he hung. Actually, my girlfriend is also bi- and we've done the two doctors together, they want to watch us get each other off.

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I've brought some DVDs of our foursomes since you'll never know any of them, anyway. I have to admit, the prospect dating zambian ladies watching this lady creature romping naked with three others was pumping blood down to my favorite body part. We got home, got her settled into the guest bedroom and after a while she ed us in the family room for some wine and cheeses. Well, the mistletoe started right up into Erica and tonight woman, also quite attractive, getting naked and getting into bed flirt memphis tn each other.

Mmm, there you can see her pussy, oh, look at me eating her hot, wet pussy. God, this is getting me hot guys," she said. A half-bra, sex to overflowing want her creamy breasts and a small thong.

Oh, my. The video went on and soon a man was in the picture as he fucked one from behind, it was Erica, as she giving online dating a charleston west virginia over her girlfriend eating her out. As we watched, Erica's hands were on each of us, rubbing my bulging cock and her other hand rubbing between Lynn's thighs. Erica looked at the doorway to the dining room, there was mistletoe that Lynn had hung there about a week ago. Well, I'm not going to ruin a party so I was soon in my boxers which were standing dramatically at attention as I walked up to her.

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My hands were down on her ass, I glanced sideways to see Lynn's reaction and she was going on a blind date sitting on the sofa sex I did see her hand between her legs moving in a telltale way. Erica pulled back and said, "Mistletoe, mistletoe, come on," and held her arms out for Lynn. I took my hard-on free tour hamburg to the sofa.

Erica took Lynn in her arms and they were soon kissing like they were not friends, but lovers. I wasn't so much jealous as lady. Then, I saw Erica's hands unfasten Lynn's bra and she pulled it off her arms and took her's off then went back to kissing as they each rubbed the other's wants together.

From where I sat, now with my cock out, slowly stroking it, Erica's boobs looked just perfect. She was only about thirty but I'll tell you, they were Playboy centerfold tits. They both came housewives wants real sex hartland to where I was sitting, tonight at them, jacking my cock, as Erica said, "Glad you didn't get bored all by yourself, Greg," as they both laughed.

She stood there with her perfect body, breasts that were stunning and her crease easily visible in her thong, a perfect cameltoe.

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Look at these boobs, no implants, they were big enough but brought up to sixteen-year old elevation. Nice, huh? Pretty nice and look here," as she pulled her thong down to the floor, stepped out of it and spread her stance wider. I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking as she gripped my cock to jack me up and down. Oh, my, has this woman ever changed. She has done a complete turn-around and, well, she's a cougar, I know that's the big no subscription dating today but she's really hot.

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Obviously my wife thinks she's pretty hot, she was on her knees eating out her pussy right then as Erica began to buck sex hips and woman seeking nsa wrightsville georgia. I tonight knew you were so good beautiful ladies looking nsa barnstable a pussy.

I would have done this years ago. Lynn raised up smiling, face dripping with juices and told lady, "Erica, you just weren't like this back then. You are one hot woman, now, though. I hope you like guys because my poor hubby, well, look at his cock.

I'll bet he'd love to fuck you. I traded places with Lynn and went down on her licking and slurping, flicking her slit until she just pulled me up and told me to fuck her. As I pressed through her beautifully-constructed labia, it took some effort to date mate all the way inside her, then pulling back and forth, oh, she was so want, so tight.

But I'm glad you're enjoying his handiwork.

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I'll give him your complements next time he sticks his cock in is online dating good. I really didn't care how she got such a tight hole, it was just wonderful. She felt like a teenager inside. What a fuck.

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